New Orleans Panel on Patrick Angus and J. B. Harter (Video)

The John Burton Harter Foundation sponsored a panel discussion to celebrate the release of A Tale of Two Cities: Patrick Angus in New York and J. B. Harter in New Orleans on June 9, 2022, at the Arthur Roger Gallery in New Orleans.

The wide-ranging conversation explored the lives and art of Angus and Harter, as well as the ways their different backgrounds and shared experiences in the gay community shaped their unique visions and bodies of work.

Panelists included Rick Herron, an independent curator; Edward Joseph, an artist, curator, historian, and founder of the Invincible Summer gallery; and Greg Nacozy, a performer, sign language interpreter, and former dancer at The Gaiety Theater. Brian Sands, advisor to the John Burton Harter Foundation, moderated the event.

Watch on YouTube and below.