LA LGBT Center’s Learning Curve Program

The John Burton Harter Foundation has supported the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Learning Curve program from 2013-2015. This year’s sponsored activity—Life Drawing Class: Capturing the Beauty of the Human Body—culminated in an exhibition of Harter works and student projects at the center’s Advocate and Gochis Art Galleries.

Life drawing classes took inspiration from original artwork by Harter. Nude models enacted poses that mirrored those in Harter’s art for students to practice sketching and rendering the poses with instructor guidance. Students compared their efforts to Harter’s approach, leading to discussions on how subtle nuances can be powerfully expressed.

The exhibit showcased Harter paintings and drawings—Backside and Portrait of Paul Watts, among others—alongside select student works. At the opening on July 31, the center invited attendees to sketch a live model and create their own works that reflected poses in Harter’s art.

“Attendees not only enjoyed the process of sketching but expressed sincere admiration for Mr. Harter’s talents, after learning how difficult it is to render the human form,” said Amir Moini, Foundation Relations Coordinator, Los Angeles LGBT Center. “Our community has been greatly enriched by the art of John Burton Harter.”

The Los Angeles LGBT Center has cared for, championed, and celebrated LGBT people and families since 1969. The center’s Learning Curve program educated thousands of LGBT people, friends, and allies for almost 20 years.